About ArgueMax.com

ArgueMax.com is a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the United States Federal Election Commission.

Donations are needed to ensure the success of our goals.

Funds are needed to create and promote professional content.  Videos are the most popular means by which information is disseminated in today's world (to get an idea of the content of what these videos will be, you can view the blogs in the forum section of this website).  My experience has been that I can be effective in changing the minds of Hillary Clinton supporters.  I want to use my skill and ability on a large scale and I need your help in making this happen.  We need to reach the masses and do more than just present content in text form.

There is strength in numbers.  I am inviting you to join me and together we can make a difference.

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Payments are sent over a secure line and ArgueMax.com uses trusted Authorize.net for merchant services and uses E-onlinedata.com for Underwriting Support.   All donations we receive are filed with the Federal Election Commission and can only be spend on the goals of ArgueMax.com by law.  You can view the donations as they come in on the FEC web site on this page by clicking here.   If you have any questions about how the money is being spent and/or refunds and/or exchanges and/or cancellations, you can contact us at:


If you would prefer to send a cheque by post, our  mailing address is:

1525 164th Ave NE T-4
Bellevue, WA 98008

Our phone number is (425) 372 8122 but if you have something to say about the content of the web site, that is what the forum is for. If you do not have the expendable funds to pay few dollars for membership, you should not be on the internet. If you want to make verbal attacks or threats to ArgueMax.com, please call (206) 622-0460

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Please click here to participate in the effort by donation