Attack on Carson

Have you heard this news about Ben Carson? Apparently, he does not believe in neither The Theory of Evolution nor The Big Bang. And, thanks to our reliance on the News Media to tell us the truth, we know that Carson thinks these well established scientific theories are "Fairy Tales" and "Demonic". How can a retired brain surgeon, published author, and obviously intelligent man think this?

This news should send shock-waves of shock and disgust throughout the electorate, but not for the reasons that the reporters who brought us this story think.

While it seems surprising that a man in the medical profession would deny a fundamental principle of biology, but, if you think about it, depending on the profession, it might not be uncommon. I remember a podiatrist I saw did not hide the fact that he was both a doctor and a Mormon. Apparently he had found a way to wrestle and resolve the two conflicting beliefs of evolution and his Mormon upbringing. Here is why I believe this can happen. If you have a highly specialized field of interest as an MD, you can get completely immersed in the understanding of that particular part of the body (the feet or the brain) and you can quickly forget what you learned in Biology 101.

I was surprised to read that Ben Carson did not believe in The Theory of Evolution and The Big Bang. But my shock and dismay and disgust was not directed to him after I went to the original quote and the original context. My shock and disgust is directed to the biased, unfair, and deceptive news media who reported on the story.

Ben Carson is an intelligent and thoughtful and pondering man. In the lectures where he admitted that he did not believe these theories, he gave his reasons why. He backed up his belief with facts (albeit incomplete) that lead him to his belief. This is not dishonorable, as many might think. This is the opposite. This is highly honorable and respectable because where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” is in the fact that Ben Carson is being honest.

So, let me ask you this. How many Liberal Democrats believe in The Theory of Evolution and The Big Bang solely because their peers do and they feel it is the right thing to believe? Is that not being dishonest? Is that not showing a far worse character than Ben Carson's?

I believe in The Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang because I can explain it. How many Liberal Democrats proudly proclaim that they believe these theories and yet cannot explain it? I have met too many list.

The report that Carson does not believe these theories is intended to result in finger-pointing and laughter. But, if you go to the source and watch the context of Carson's speech, any honest person should point the finger of shame at the news media, not Ben Carson.

The job that Dr. Carson is applying for is to be The Commander In Chief of the United States. He is not applying to head a department in theoretical physics at MIT. It is OK if he does not understand how The Big Bang works or is an accepted theory. For the news media to focus on an honest misunderstanding a neurological surgeon has regarding the laws of thermodynamics is an act of desperation and regards the readers as being short-sighted and takes us for fools. We need to make sure they do not succeed.

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