Hillary Clinton as a Decision Maker

Is Hillary a good decision maker? If you think she is, I have to say you have been duped by the well-rehearsed and well-funded Clinton media machine. People who have been close to her – such as her Whitewater associates and people close to the Stan Lee campaign scandal -- will tell you that they are left in awe by how she is willing to back-stab her supporters; and how she is unwilling to negotiate, or compromise on policy; and how she seems to be devoid of any ethical or moral standard in dealing with people. This has lead to the downfall of the careers of those closest to her. A perfect example of this last personality trait is seen in how she handled the Paula Jones case. And this is a reason why she does not deserve to be considered for the nation's highest office.

In case you do not know or do not remember, this is the case in a nutshell. In May 1991 Paula Jones was a state employee in Arkansas and was asked to have a face-to-face meeting in a hotel with then-governor Bill Clinton. Shall I continue or do you want to skip to the next paragraph? Basically it seemed that Bill Clinton and Paula Jones had different ideas of what was supposed to take place in this face-to-face meeting. That became clear when Governor Clinton showed his erect penis and Paula Jones made a dash for the door.

Eventually Clinton and Jones found themselves in a sexual harassment suit. By the time Bill Clinton had become president, Jones' lawyers were looking for more evidence since the original event did not have many witnesses and it was becoming a case of he-said-she-said.

But that changed when rumors began to surface that Clinton was involved in some inappropriate behavior with some White House interns.

Jones’ lawyers convinced the judge in the case that specifics of this behavior would go far to show Bill Clinton's pattern of behavior and provide credibility to the Paula Jones' side of the story. The Judge in the Paula Jones case agreed that Jones' lawyers could interview White House interns.

When Hillary heard of this, she decided to fight this. That is right. Hillary, not Bill, swung into action. Details of what happened are described in the book "The Truth About Hillary". Hillary summoned her talented and her high-cost lawyers to the White House for advice.

European Postage Stamp Riddiculing the Embarassing Presidential Scandal that Hillary's Monumentally Poor Decision Making Capacity and Poor Judgement and Action Brought to Light

The advice she got, I admit, was very sound. Her advice is simply this: "It is important that we make this go away as quickly and as ethically as possible. We need to see if Jones will drop the case in exchange for a cash settlement and some sort of watered-down admission from the President."

Hillary should have taken that advice.

To Hillary Clinton, telling the truth has never been the course of action to take. So she decided to fight but she decided to fight the investigation in a way that I do not think anyone can say makes any sense. She went on national morning television and said that the Paula Jones case, the investigation into inappropriate behavior of The President with White House interns were all a "vast right-wing conspiracy". Clearly, as outlined in "The Truth About Hillary" and supported by many witnesses, Hillary must have known about Monica Lewinsky and affairs with other White House interns. But somehow, in Hillary's mind, she had delivered a severe blow to some dark, imaginary evil force. After giving this infamous "vast right-wing conspiracy" rambling rant on NBC's "Today's Show" the program cut to commercial and she has been reported to have said "that will teach them to f**k with us".

All this leads to a noteworthy outcome. The result of Hillary ignoring the intelligent and good advice of her lawyers and the result of choosing to be combative was the Impeachment proceedings of the president. The Monica Lewinsky affair became public knowledge and a public and international humiliation for the United States. All this would have been avoided if Hillary made the right decision. All this would not have happened if not for Hillary.

Is Hillary a good decision maker? If you think she is, I have to say you have been duped by the well-rehearsed and well-funded Clinton media machine that avoids these facts.

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