Hillary's “First” Interview with CNN

At This Point, Can We Say that Hillary Clinton is incapable of telling the truth?

I watched what has been hailed as the first formal interview by Hillary Clinton since she announced that she is running for president. CNN conducted the interview and it seems as if they are trying to get as much mileage out of the interview as possible. On television, they broke the questions and answers up into little segments and instead of playing the whole interview in its entirety, they presented the interview one topic or question at a time divided between othe stories and commercials. It makes one wonder, naturally, if they were trying to recoup money spent on paying for the interview, but most likely, they were just trying to cash in the best way they could.

I admit, the woman conducting the interview did ask Hillary some good questions. I would have asked different ones but he interviewer did not shy away from some tough questions. 

There were two points in the interview I found very interesting. The fist question was when the person conducting the interview asked if Hillary was to blame in any way for the fact that polls show that most Americans do not trust her. 

Hillary said that the matter of mistrust was a “theme” that had been used against her and her husband for a number of years. Like many lies, there is a hint of truth in that. When Clinton first went became president, it is true, there were a small army of lawyers trying to fight him and bring scandals to light (albeit, for just reasons). But what is more important is this. Her answer has a tone of “vast right wing conspiracy” to it and what is sad is that Hillary here has a chance to admit some responsibility but she chooses to dig her heals in. This proves that she has not learned from her past mistakes. Hillary's behavior of doubling down, digging in her heals and fighting back has historically lead to tragic results. As I have explained in detail here

This “vast right wing conspiracy” flash back was one thing I noticed about her interview.

The second thing was less subjective. Hillary lied. She said Secretary of State Colin Powell's email practices when he was secretary of state was the same as hers. That is a lie. Powell sent emails to his staff generally via their State Department email addresses. These emails should be on the State Department computers. He might have occasionally used personal email addresses, as he did when emailing to family and friends. It is not even close to having a private email server and using a private email account to do all of your work as Secretary of State. 

Having a personal email server and personal email address at home to do your work as Secretary of State is in no way the same thing as Powell using a personal emal address while secretary of state for personal emails only.

Hillary has to be intelligent enough to know the difference. The problem is that she thinks we are too stupid to know the difference and will believe her and vote for her.

I has been said that Hillary is from a different era when people could not do any fact checks online about comments that politicians make. What is also disturbing is that she will sit, wide-eyed through her “first official interview” during her campaign for president and flat-out lie even when there was no cause for it. She could have easily omitted the lie about Secretary of State Powell, but it seems that at this point she has gotten away with lying for so long now that she can no longer help herself.

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