How the Forum Works and Why it is a Paid Site

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How the Forum Works and Why it is a Paid Site

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:19 pm

I think it is important that I explain how the forum area of works. Yes, it is a paid site. It is a paid site for a number of reasons, and all the reasons are good. But before I list the reasons, I feel it is important for the reader to know that the money that the forum collects is the only fund raising that is separate from the ArgueMax PAC. This is because:
  1. People who want to post comments on this web site might not want to contribute to the goals of the PAC. They might be supporters of Hillary Clinton and thus would not want to contribute money into a non-profit that is against Hillary.
  2. The ArgueMax forum was created before the donations for the PAC was created and the Forum will exist after the goals of the PAC are done.
Now the reasons why this is a paid site are:
  1. I do not have to worry about ads. It costs money to have a site on a DNS. It costs money to own a URL. Non-paid sites have to rely on ads to clutter up their web site and slow the load time of their pages. I do not want that
  2. Bots and Spammers do not have money. Having a paid-site is the best way to keep the site clean of these annoyances.
  3. The dues is less than a cup of coffee. If you are too self-absorbed and anti-social to buy me a cup of coffee, you are not welcome here.
  4. If you do not have the expendable income to buy a membership here, you should not be online and you should be out trying to get a job.
  5. I do this to keep the riff-raff out. If you think this is just a ploy for me to get rich, I am telling you here that it is not. I do not need the money. And as proof, I will make a donation from the funds to St Jude. Once the ArgueMax forum hits one million members, I will make the donation. I will make a video production of the event too and post it online so you will have no doubt. I think people should be donating to such charities all the time. So if you want to do both: participate in this forum AND donate to St. Jude, you should register for an account on this forum.
  6. It is a way YOU can make money through referrals. Referrals are paid each month. So for the act of referring your friends just one time, you would get paid each month for that one-time act. You would get paid each month for doing nothing more.

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