A look at an unknown Candidate a long shot

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A look at an unknown Candidate a long shot

#1 Post by dzutlerforpresident » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:54 am

Daniel Paul Zutler is an Independent candidate for U S President. Mr. Zutler was born on May 20 1963 in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Staten Island, NY. Mr. Zutler graduated from Springstead High School in June 1981 and served his country until 1986 in the United States Army. Daniel Zutler married his wife of thirty years in 1985, and has three children.
In 1986, Mr. Zutler then entered the private sector as director of security overseeing several electronics retail outlets in the greater five Boros.
In 1990, Mr. Zutler made both a change in career's paths, and demographic locations entering into the Insurance field as a Bail Bondsman. Mr. Zutler attended Hillsborough Community College and University Of Florida to obtain his credentials for licensure as a 2-32 limited surety bond insurance agent where he rose up the ranks from agent to recruiter moving into management and finally at the helm of an Insurance Company until the market crash in 2006.
Mr. Zutler career path turned in 2006 due to economic instability of the Nation, taking on a position as a security consultant and instructor in conjunction with a National Rifle Association Certified Law Enforcement firearms instructor and gained a State license as a firearms instructor in Florida where he remained until 2013 and still remains an active instructor.
In mid 2013, Mr. Zutler founded Xero Group Industries as the Chairman of the Board, saw the vision, and need for the Xero group Foundation. The focus of the foundation is anti-violence and bullying, bringing greater awareness to domestic violence, human trafficking, and bullying at all levels.
In 2014 Mr. Zutler then launched, The Cassius Angleton Group P.A. LLC. An investigative firm, taking on varying types of investigative cases both to the private sector and Insurance companies alike where he remains as the Chairman of the Board.
At approximately 4:30 am Est on May the 25th 2015 while being awoken by cable news and witnessing a bleak outlook for our Nation and a sea of candidates pouring in, with little more to offer than the same old rhetoric. Our Nation crumbling out from underneath us, Mr. Zutler was so moved, that the necessity to take action so future generations could have prosperity left him little choice but to be more than change.
Mr. Zutler formulated his plan of action for this Nation and knew what he was meant to do take on the biggest task that can be undertaken. Mr. Zutler entered into the Presidential race for 2016 and took all the necessary steps to run as a registered candidate.

Mr. Zutler had been asked, “What do you know about politics and economics? and “What do you have to offer if you are elected President”? Mr. Zutler stated" "Let me be perfectly frank with you", Daniel Zutler reinforced that he had no political background , but being 52 years old and having a good working knowledge of the U S Constitution, combined with living through nine U S Presidents, their failures and triumphs allowed Mr. Zutler the ability to excise they're best qualities. Mr. Zutler stated, "Having various experiences and knowledge of running small businesses in conjunction with and some legal knowledge gained through varying career paths allowed for the insight into what needs to be done". Mr. Zutler elaborated on the fact that Presidents do not work alone there are numerous aides, counselors and advisors. Daniel also stressed the fact that the Presidency was never a one-person job.
Mr. Zutler was clear on the complexities of our legal system in Government and that we must for the good of the people bring it into an understandable focus. Mr. Zutler stated" If you have an understanding that the epicenter of Government which is The U S Congress and U S Senate". In that cross, party cooperation must be obtained for the good of the people, as elected representatives of the people. When our voices are muffled by personal agendas then nobody wins, not the Nation nor its citizens. It is the opinion and observation of Mr. Zutler that by reelecting the same representatives whom do not adhere to the voices of the people, then we reward bad behavior by voting the same individuals into office election after election then nothing can or will improve.
Mr. Zutler said the voice of the people has been heard and will continue to be heard during his administration of the Nation. As President, Mr. Zutler will make every attempt to bring both houses and parties together for the greater vision and mission. Daniel Zutler said," I am seeing this great Nation bogged down in debt just like each of our citizens". The People need to voice their opinions in order to rebuild our Nation and return it to where it once was. Mr. Zutler will make every effort so our Nations Citizens through hard work will have the means to support their families and prosper, in turn still have time to enrich their children with needed family time before they are grown and spending a lifetime searching for lost youth. Daniel believed that in being an unknown candidate that we have the ability to win the election by virtue of gaining the trust of the people through honesty and clarity of the mission. That a third party Independent candidate has a fighting chance, even the long shot can win the Belmont stakes. Stand Up and Speak Out or Stand Back Zutler~Michaels 2016
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Re: A look at an unknow Candidate a long shot

#2 Post by ArgueMax » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:39 pm

Do you mean "unknown" instead of "unknow"?

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