Was Jesus Christ God?

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Was Jesus Christ God?

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:19 am

This post was inspired by comments online by Jennifer Ayres.

Jesus was an interesting person and was a powerful intellect and a prodigy. But people call Jesus "The Truth and The Light" because they want to believe he was the son of God and born with the same wisdom of the infinite creator of the universe. Was he? Or was he just a man?

I once saw an avatar that said "Jesus is the Truth and the Light and The Way". If you post your fun and heart warming religious ideolgoy on the internet, it is not just harmless fun. You become a pitchman for your faith and, if you are wrong and cannot prove yourself, you have done a bad thing and you should be confronted.

I told the person, "No, he is not".

I added "Jesus was just a man who thought the Earth was flat and said so in two different occasions". That comment always seems to take people off guard. I imagine I am the first person who has told them this fact.

I continued, "When his disciples asked him what it would be like when he returned to earth, Jesus said he would return to earth in the clouds in the sky such that all the people of the world would see him." And here is the problem with this, "this is only possible if the earth is flat. The only way everyone on earth can see something in the sky is if the Earth is flat". Apologists have tried to explain this away by using television as a way to make this passage work. While the idea that Jesus Christ new that television would be invented is exciting, this excuse does not work since 2/3rds of the world population live without television.

The person I was chatting with said "all things are possible with Jesus."

I responded, "that explanation is not the most reasonable given the fact that Jesus described the Earth as being flat at least one other time. Jesus said that Satan showed him all of the kingdoms of he world from the top of the mountain. This is only possible if the Earth is flat. No matter how high the mountain is -- even if it goes into outer-space -- the mountain can never be high enough such that you could see all of the kingdoms of the world from its top. The most reasonable explanation is that Jesus thought the Earth was flat just as all Hebrew Rabbis of his time thought the world was flat".

I added that if he was going to take the route that "all things are possible with Jesus" then why doesn't he just go ahead and believe that the earth is flat. In fact, some Christian sects do exactly that. They do this even today and even in the USA.

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