How People Win by "Blowing Smoke"

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How People Win by "Blowing Smoke"

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:48 am

do you know how people get away with conspiracy theories like insisting that the moon landing is fake? They "blow smoke". They know that debunking something takes 10 times longer than presenting a fake conspiracy idea or a photo that they interpret how they want. The Liberal media is being dishonest by constantly bombarding us with bull shit that they know is going to take people a long time to debunk. As a side note, this is how OJ's defense lawyers got OJ freed from murder. They put the police on trial and make a case out of every step of the investigation. There was no way that the police or the prosecution would have time to counter every detailed criticism and then OJ is not acquitted. If I was to say that Bill Clinton literally created Al Qaeda, any idiot should understand that I meant his misguided polices in Somalia and in Rwanda gave Obama bin Laden the confidence that the USA was a paper tiger and could be taken down with the right kind of attack. It is the same sort of thing with Trump's comment about ISIS, but the media decides to make a case out of it because they know it will occupy Trump and his people to explain it away and in the mean time the press will come up with 5 more things to be critical of. Trump should win out of sheer spite.

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