About Trump Making Fun of a Disabled Reporter

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About Trump Making Fun of a Disabled Reporter

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:44 pm

If anyone is convinced that Trump actually made fun of a disabled reporter, step up to the plate and make your case. You see, social media is free and people can post whatever they want without thinking twice. You have to think twice on the ArgueMax forum. It cost 3 bucks to join. The reason why is that this forum was designed such that only people who know what they are talking about can contribute to it. The 3 dollars is intended to make you pause, think, and reconsider. I can explain why Trump did not make fun of a disabled reporter but it is best that you do you own research and figure out for yourself that this is just a scam by the media.


It is a logical fallacy to dismiss information purely on the basis of who is providing the information. As the saying goes, "don't shoot the messenger". I do not agree with everything Ann Coulter writes, but, at the same time, I do not understand why people ignore everything she says just because she is the one saying it. About half of the latest book I read that she wrote, I dismissed, but some of what she says she can back up with hard facts. She does her homework and she researches issues before she writes about them. I wish we could all do this.

I mention Ann Coulter because she has already blogged about the disabled reporter and she has almost done as good a job at writing about it as I could. So, in the interest of not reinventing the wheel, I will post what she says here. I give her full credit and I am sure she would not mind. This is from http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/proof-media- ... -reporter/ and you can read if there is you miss seeing all the pop up ads.
Proof! Media lied about Trump mocking disabled reporter

Ann Coulter explains why networks haven't broadcast interview with Serge Kovaleski
Published: 08/31/2016 at 6:41 PM

Just when you think the media could not possibly become more loathsome, the Fourth Estate bullies prove you wrong again. The Washington Post’s latest ugliness was to exploit the disability of a newspaper reporter in order to smear the Republican nominee for president. Then – and this is the least surprising part of the story – the Post lied about it.

Other than the subject of that paragraph – which I slyly switched from Trump to the media – that is an exact paraphrase of the Post’s opening lines from an editorial hawking the media’s most successful lie about Donald Trump: that he mocked a man for being disabled.

I have a chapter on that lie in my new book, “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” It was perfectly obvious that Trump was not mimicking any disability that Serge Kovaleski has, but I didn’t have the smoking gun to prove that the media were lying and knew they were lying. Now we have it.

A group called Catholics 4 Trump has posted a video clip of another part of that same speech, in which Trump imitates a flustered general. Guess what? He does the exact same arm flailing.

In another speech, Trump pretended to be a timorous Ted Cruz. Again, he does the exact same arm flailing. You can see the videos here.

Video: 100% proof Trump did NOT mock a reporter’s disability:


Neither the general nor Cruz is disabled.

If a jury ever saw these videos, it would acquit Trump immediately. Trump’s impression of a groveling reporter is just like his imitation of a groveling general and just like his imitation of a groveling U.S. senator. He’s like Rich Little that way: All his impressions look the same.

Perhaps Trump is not a subtle actor, but he’s utterly innocent of making fun of a disabled person.

Now consider the media’s role in manufacturing, and then protecting, this lie. Reporters were at Trump’s speech. They were filming it. They saw him do the identical imitation of a general during that same speech.

The media knew damn well that Trump does the arm-waving routine whenever he’s pretending to be a flustered person. But they never allowed the public to see the clip of Trump doing the same imitation of a general.

That is proof that the media knew they were lying.

Video: Vindication: Trump mocks Army general with same ‘spastic’ motion:


And isn’t it curious that in the midst of the frenzy over Trump’s allegedly mocking a disabled reporter, you’ve never seen the reporter interviewed? Why don’t they show us Serge, so that the public can gasp in horror and say, Why, Trump’s imitation is the spitting image of Serge Kovaleski!

The reason the media won’t show an interview with Serge is that if you ever saw him speaking, it would be blindingly obvious that Trump’s imitation isn’t in the same universe as Serge’s affliction. Serge speaks perfectly calmly. He does not twitch, jerk or flail his arms. (That’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz you’re thinking of.)

There’s an old interview with Serge here:


The absence of a current Serge interview is the dog that didn’t bark. The only reason you will never see anything but a still photo of Serge is so that the media can trick the public into believing he has something like cerebral palsy.

In fact, his disability is almost the exact opposite of what Trump was doing: Serge has arthrogryposis, which locks his wrists in place, actually preventing movement.

We also have proof that the media know they are lying about Trump mocking a disabled man. In the “Comments” section to a Washington Post article pushing this lie, someone posted a perfectly respectful response that included the Catholics 4 Trump videos – of Trump doing the exact same imitation of a general and of Serge being interviewed. The Post deleted the comment – and pronto!

Why did the Post instantly remove those videos from the “Comments” section? To hide the evidence of its lying.

That’s consciousness of guilt. The Post couldn’t allow anyone to see those videos because then everyone would see that this is how Trump imitates any frightened person. Maybe he won’t be hired by “Saturday Night Live” as a sketch comedian – and as you know, that show will hire almost anybody these days – but Trump did not “mock” a disabled man.

None of the media’s other hysterical anti-Trump campaigns are getting any traction. Trump said a Hispanic judge was biased against him? It’s hard for people to be outraged when our entire justice system is premised on the idea that all-white juries can’t be trusted to deliver fair verdicts to black defendants.

Trump criticized a Gold Star dad? Yes, but that Gold Star dad also happened to be a snarling Muslim who took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in order to viciously lecture Trump, saying he has no right to venture opinions because his kid didn’t die in Iraq. Khizr Khan isn’t exactly a baby seal.

Trump called Hillary the “MVP” of ISIS? Most people didn’t need the media’s earnest “fact-checks” establishing beyond dispute that ISIS has not, in fact, given Hillary the MVP award. Nor “Most Improved.” Nor “Best Spirit.”

Of all things Trump has been accused of, the claim that he made fun of a disabled person is the only one that has hurt him – and justly so, if it were true. But now we know it was a big, fat, intentional lie by our guardians of truth and justice in the media.
Coulter did an amazing job at debunking this lie about Trump. The media is lying to us about Trump and this is a good reason for him to win the election.

Are you still not convinced that Donald Trump did not mock a reporter? I have more proof. It has all but been admitted now, finally, by the Hillary Clinton camp. In their television ad about the incident, they do not even mention the reporter. I assume this might be because they know that some fact checking will show that they are wrong. Instead they have a woman whose kid has cerebral palsy complain that Trump is generally making fun of disabled people.

This is as close as the Clinton camp can get to a plausible idea but, again they are still wrong since, as this forum post has demonstrated, Trump used similar motions in the speech to make similar gestures to poke fun of a cop who was not disabled.

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