The Rape Case Against Donald Trump

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The Rape Case Against Donald Trump

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:16 am

While I have this in mind I want to make a note of this case of Trump raping a 13 year old.

I think there is about a 90 percent chance that there isn't an accuser in this case. It was first brought to trial in California where a judge threw it out because the alleged victim never materialized. The address on the paper for the residence of the victim is an empty lot and the phone number belonged to a cell phone of a dentist. The victim never made a court appearance and this was required. So the judge rightly concluded that it was a smear campaign for publicity.

Now, I know for a fact that Hillary or people working on her behalf do underhanded things because I have been on the receiving end of that.

So now, having failed that, they are trying it in New York.

But there is more. It is being brought before civil court, not criminal court. This is because it is a weak case and the lawyers involved in the smear campaign know it.

So let's assume all goes well for the side against Trump. He will never face criminal charges because it is not being tried in criminal court. It is being tried in civil court. He can not do jail time and the memes insisting that Trump get locked up reflects the stupidity of Liberals.

But there is more. This case brings to light how bad Hillary is, not Trump. Hillary is now going on record saying that she thinks all victims of sexual abuse have the right to be taken seriously and heard. This is the exact opposite stance she had when she ran "The War Room" with George Stephanopoulos during her husband's campaign for president when Bill Clinton's accusers were coming to light.

I said that I think there is a bout a 90 percent chance that there isn't an accuser in this case. The remaining 10 percent is that I believe this is what is referred to as a "shake down". We are a nation of laws, not a nation of fairness and people who know how to manipulate the legal to their favor win huge cash rewards. I know for a fact and from personal experience that the rich people are sued in the USA because they are rich, not because they are guilty. I once interviewed at the headquarters of Fry's Electronics in San Jose, California and I wash showed an area where they have hired a team of paralegals to deal with the onslaught of frivolous and groundless lawsuits people make against them on a weekly basis. They are sued because they have money, not that they have done anything wrong.

Then there is this. I remember Eddie Murphy said to Larry King that simply because "Coming To America" was a success, it was a guarantee that someone would sue them. There was bound to be someone somewhere who had written a screenplay that had similar content that would take Eddie Murphy to court -- not because Eddie Murphy was guilty of plagiarism -- it would be because he was a success.

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