Doc Drake's Career as a Broadcaster is Essentially Over

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Doc Drake's Career as a Broadcaster is Essentially Over

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:05 pm

Doc Drake's career as a broadcaster is essentially over. You should not be able to get away with publicizing misinformation and lies and then harass people who call you out on it.

I do not know if he is too stupid to know how stupid he is or if he is some sort of Liberal Spy working for the opposition. Thinking that he is some sort of covert agent working to make Republicans look bad is giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I have to assume now the worse for him. Here is the series of events that has brought him into question.

1. First of all, he published lies and misinformation on social media. I understand that Doc Drake's shtick is the bible and pretending that the bible is to be taken literally, but Leah Remini famously proclaimed on her program exposing a different religion that if you know a religion is fake or have information that will save people from going down the long road, you have an obligation to speak out. I have the right of free speech to call Doc Drake a liar. I also have an obligation to do so.

2. Doc Drake harassed me, lied about me and misrepresented me on my public page. He called me an "ATHEIST", yes, in all capitol letters even though I never claimed to be one to him. And he taunted me to debate him on his radio show.

3. When it came time to have the radio program, he chickened out. I recorded myself on video waiting for him as proof that my phone lines were open.

4. He later claimed that he tried to call me but my phone was busy. That is a lie. First of all, both my land line and my cell phone goes to voice mail. They are never "busy" and they never send out a busy tone even if the line is on another call. Secondly, the lines were open and I was waiting. I also had made sure that the lines were free and I had tested them.

But it gets worse. I had bothered to go out an purchase a better phone receiver than the cordless ones I had in order to have a good show. I took the debate and interview seriously and knew people would get value from it.


I spent 60 dollars out of my own pocket to invest in a good show. Little did I know that Doc Drake is a liar, a scam and a fraud.

5. After chickening out of the debate, I found the reason why. After we agreed to the debate, I mentioned a few things to warn him that it was not going to be an easy debate for him. One thing I mentioned was the mistake in Leviticus where it says insects walk on 4 legs (they walk on 6 legs). We seemed to skim over this topic while we were talking about a multitude of things. I found out after the fact that this scared him and got under his skin. I heard through an intermediary that Drake is trying to explain away this flaw by focusing on the word "fowl" in the King James Version of the bible. That is bad logic and I immediately made a youtube video about this. It is online now:


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